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Smartphones fuelling AMOLED explosion

Samsung - says smartphones are fuelling growth
Samsung - says smartphones are fuelling growth

The massive increase in the use of smartphones is expected to make the need for AMOLED screens increase to 600 million by 2015, according to Samsung.

Samsung recently stated that it would be investing in a new OLED production line, and the Korean giant has now talked about some of the reasoning behind that decision.

According to the Lee Woo-jong, Samsung's vice president of marketing, the need for OLED screens is still far in excess of production, and that is likely to continue.

Very strong

"Demand for high-end displays is very strong and we may continue to fail to meet all customer requirements, even after expanding capacity by seven-fold, until next year," Lee told the Reuters Global Technology summit

"Strong growth of smartphones will drive robust expansion in the AMOLED market, which we expect to grow by 30 times to 600 million units by 2015 when shipments of mobile devices are expected to grow to 2.6 billion units," Lee added.

"We welcome competition and the industry needs more major players to grow this market, which is likely to expand application segments to other areas such as tablet PCs and TVs eventually."

Samsung's AMOLED production is now apparently trading at break even – proving that the expensive technology could well become a hugely profitable market.