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Transparent television has clear potential

It's clear to see that the company behind the see-through TV still has some thinking to do

We all know there are schemes, people and propaganda that are so transparent we can see right through them. To that list we can now add television sets, thanks to a curious development in Japan.

A Tokyo company known as Active Inc has, apparently, developed something called a ' composite LCD display ' that allows light to pass right through it. Instead of the usual opaque backlight and workings, a crystal film supplies illumination sufficient to make images visible on the screen or to turn transparent when called upon.

Interior decoration

The technology is still in development and no actual products are available. But it's easy to imagine such an LCD being used in a house as an interior window when not in use as a TV set. Alternatively, shops might want to use it to advertise their wares.

However, if the above photograph is anything to go by, it looks like the boffins at Active Inc still have their work cut out to even decide what this technology is best suited for.