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6 green TVs that'll save you money & the planet

Panasonic TX-P46G10 - £1,250

Proof that plasma loves the planet as much as LCD

Conventional wisdom – of the pro-LCD persuasion, at any rate – holds that plasma requires far more power than liquid crystal. Panasonic is out to contradict this theory with its latest generation of NeoPDP gas flatscreens with the introduction of the TX-P46G10.

With the P46G10, Panasonic provides two ways of benefiting from its NeoPDP design, enabling you to either enjoy twice the brightness of Panasonic's normal plasma TVs while using the same amount of energy, or else get 'normal' Panasonic plasma brightness levels from half the 'normal' energy use.

There are still signs of judder during camera pans, and colours occasionally look a bit green-tinged, with a bit of sporadic orangey red thrown in too.

But otherwise the P46G10 is surprisingly affordable and proof that you really don't have to sacrifice quality to go green.

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