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Massive 1TB recorder sucks up broadcast HD TV

The I-O Data Rec-POT HVR-HD1000EX has enough room for four days of HD TV.

Rather than investing in one of the competing high-definition disk formats right now, a technologically sound alternative might be to hedge your bets by plumping for a hard-drive solution such as the latest from I-O Data Japan.

The ¥99,800 (£445) Rec-POT HVR-HD1000EX features a whopping 1TB hard drive that can store over 100 hours of full-definition HD TV or 250 hours of standard digital broadcasting.

FireWire over and out

An update from earlier models, the HD1000EX brings new firmware to the mix that allows for easier handling and sorting of the program library and some image-enhancement tricks.

Like the rest of the Rec-POT series, the new model connects by FireWire to anything from a Sharp HD TV set to a Panasonic Blu-ray recorder, making for a very flexible alternative to jumping aboard a ship that may not be long in the water.