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Eurosport readying dedicated 3D sports channel

Competitive 3D balloon racing is unlikely
Competitive 3D balloon racing is unlikely

Eurosport is readying a dedicated 3D channel, with the broadcaster telling the Panasonic conference at IFA that it is planning for launch in 2011.

Eurosport has dabbled in 3D before – screening the French Open tennis in conjunction with Eutelsat and Panasonic last year and is now extending that partnership.

Andrew Wallace, Eutelsat chief commercial officer said: "This partnership with Eurosport leverages Eutelsat's 3D experience and the core asset of our broadcast satellites to deliver a new generation of rich content requiring a 15 Mbit/s signal to fully appreciate stunning 3D effects in the home."


"Following our collaboration with Eurosport for 3D transmissions of Roland Garros tennis in May this year, we are delighted to team up once again with Europe's premier all-sports channel and to transmit this compelling sports content to Panasonic's 3D-enabled displays at IFA."

And it appears that Eurosport is now looking to follow Sky into creating a dedicated 3D channel, following the company's proclamation at IFA.

Sky's 3D channel has proven to be a hit with its customers, with sport the jewel in the crown for the channel which also offers Arts and 3D film content.