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Skype cuts SMS messaging prices by half

Sending SMS text messages through Skype can save you 50% off the normal cost

Sending SMS messages through Skype is getting cheaper; at least for another few days. Skype today announced it would slash the cost of sending SMS messages by 50 per cent.

Until this Sunday, 8 May, Skype users anywhere in the world sending SMS messages to recipients in the US, Australia, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Belgium, Thailand, Ireland, Austria or Italy will be charged half the usual rate.

"SMS messages are a quick and easy way for people to instantly share their thoughts or whereabouts with their friends who may be offline or on the move," said Stefan Öberg, Skype's vice president for telecoms.

"Sending an SMS via Skype is hassle free - and cheap. You can conveniently send SMS messages to the mobile phones of your friends, family and colleagues around the world from the comfort of your keyboard."

Apart from sending text messages, internet telephony service Skype users can also make voice or video calls to friends and family. Skype has some 196 million registered users across the world. It works on both PC and Mac.