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Commodore 64 rises from the ashes as C64x

The C64x - you know you want one
The C64x - you know you want one

Commodore has announced that it is almost finished working on a Windows PC to be housed in the casing of the original Commodore 64.

Computer geeks and hipsters alike are likely to be seduced by the vintage brown box with its '80s styling, but that's not all the new Commodore is packing.

Housed inside the keyboard, there's also a 1.8Ghz dual-core Intel Atom D525 processor, Nvidia graphics chip, up to 1TB hard drive, 2 or 4GB RAM and an optional Blu-ray player.


Commodore isn't the only computing brand getting in on the current appetite for anything vaguely vintage; ZX Spectrum games are currently being re-released on iOS as well.

You can even use the new PC to play 8-bit games by booting up the integrated C64 emulator. Let the reminiscing begin!

The revamped C64 will hit the shops later this year, complete with revamped name: C64x.

Pre-orders have opened now, and pricing starts at around £364 ($595), with shipping set to begin in May and June.