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Hewlett Packard denies allegations of impropriety

HP's new-ish Touchsmart
HP's new-ish Touchsmart

Hewlett Packard has responded to earlier allegations of impropriety in its business dealings with OEMs.

Reports were circulating that the company had been informing its manufacturing partners to "not accept orders from Asustek, and threatening that if anyone violates the demand, the company will penalize the maker by reducing its own outsourcing volume," based on an original news story on Digitimes.

Categorically denied

"HP categorically denies these allegations," a spokesperson told TechRadar.

"HP did not send out any notice, nor did it communicate in any manner to its manufacturing partners that they not accept orders from Asustek."

"HP has strong 'standards of business' and policies and competes fairly in the market."

So that's that, then.