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ThePirateCity embraces movie streaming

ThePirateCity: looks professional, most properly professional
ThePirateCity: looks professional, most properly professional

BitTorrents? Pah! That's so last year when it comes to illegitimate movie watching.

ThePirateCity, no relation to the equally rule-bending The Pirate Bay, is offering the latest movies, all of which have yet to hit DVD, free to watch on its site via streaming.

The site, which has admitted it's experiencing unusually high traffic (we wonder why?) must be leaving the movie industry shame-faced, at a time when it is bidding to combat illegal online-movie downloading.

You can watch hundreds of films, some of which are still showing in cinemas in the UK: Pineapple Express, Babylon AD and Tropic Thunder.

A list of links

On the website, under Terms Of Use, it is claimed that it doesn't house any material itself, explaining that: "It should be noted that ThePirateCity does not host any content on its servers or network, it is simply a list of links to content that is available all over the internet on a large range of video hosting and broadcasting network sites such as YouTube, BBC, Tudou, CBS, NBC, Veoh, Megavideo etc."

Legal loophole or not, it is likely that the site will get closed down at some point. However, it does show that websites showing copyrighted material are standing firm, despite the best actions of film studios.