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London Underground Wi-Fi roll-out begins

London Underground Wi-Fi roll-out begins
Tube passengers will be able to get online within a couple of weeks

Wi-Fi connectivity will be available at London Underground stations within a couple of weeks, with Virgin Media offering free access throughout the summer.

The service, first announced in March will initially come to 80 locations, including iconic stations like Oxford Circus, Leicester Square and Kings Cross.

A further 40 stops will be upgaded before the end of the year.

The Wi-Fi will work within the station buildings and on the platforms, with users able to send and receive emails, browse the internet and even stream live television.

The connectivity will not extend to the tunnels, but users will be reconnected when they land at the next station.

No free rides after the Olympics

Virgin Media says it will provide free access for all the summer, to help Olympics attendees.

However, once the London 2012 palaver is done and dusted, the company will begin charging for access.

Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media broadband customers will be able to access the service as part of their agreeements.

After the summer is over, free users will be able to connect to a TFL service page, but nothing else.

Via: Guardian