Google slashes cloud storage prices across the board

Google Drive
Google wants to hold more of your stuff for less

Microsoft wasn't the only company to announce a new pricing plan for its office and cloud storage suite. Google got in on the action by revealing lower prices for Google Drive cloud storage.

Just in time for Drive's second birthday, the search company is lowering the price for its monthly storage plans to as little as US$1.99 (about, AU$2.20) for 100GB.

Prior to the new discounts, the same amount of digital locker space went for US$4.99 (about AU$5.53). It should be noted that Google only allows for purchases for it's cloud storage plans in US dollars, so this price point will still tack on currency conversion fees.

Google also dropped the price for 1TB of cloud storage from US$49.99 (about AU$55) to US$9.99 (about AU$11). Meanwhile, 10TB remains at its US$99.99 (about AU$110) price point.

Other than slashing prices, Google says no other changes have been made to the service. It still works across Drive, Gmail and your Google+ photo collection - plus the first 15GB is still free.

Cloudy skies

Google Drive's latest discounts come on the heels of another announcement earlier this week that added US$15 (about AU$16) referral bonuses to each new Google apps user folks brought over.

It's hardly a coincidence that Google is going toe-to-toe with Microsoft and its Office 365 suite. But in terms of pure cloud storage services, there's more than enough free digital space to mooch on without having to spend a dime.

Box offers a slightly smaller set of 10GB for free. Dropbox has 5GB free from the onset, after which users can easily increase by adding social media accounts and referring their friends.

Amazon also has its own Cloud Drive option as well, also starting at 5GB of free storage.