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Give your TV some bling

Pimp my LG!
Pimp my LG!

Picture the scene: you’re showing off your brand-new telly, all 47in of it. And while you admire its Full HD glory, one of your friends pipes up and says, “yeah, that’s all well and good, but the stand's a bit standard.”

No, we don’t think that would happen either but LG has just shown off a TV that has some serious bling factor.

The stand is grand

At a trade show in Korea, LG showed off the latest addition to its 47LB90FD series of TVs, a Swarovski crystal base made out of 1,000 – we think it’s a thousand but it’s hard to count on a picture – crystals.

And if that doesn’t dazzle you, then the fact that the TV also has 50,000:1 dynamic contrast and Full HD capabilities should. Nice.

If you’re thinking of shelling out on this ‘crystal-clear’ display, then expect to pay 3300000Won (£1,600). Or you could just by a load of imitation crystals and chav your LG out yourself.