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Special edition white PS3, huge global sales

PS3 Slim
The new-look PS3 can expect healthy sales through year's end

This week's Tokyo Game Show has been notable for its lack of surprises, but at least one new release is likely to have the hardcore collectors scrambling for a piece of the action.

Sony used the show to announce a Japan-only PlayStation 3 special edition in a white case with a Final Fantasy XIII theme.

Final Fantasy illustrations

The illustrated PS3 and the new game will arrive as a bundle in Japan on 17 December for ¥41,600 (£288), a figure that's sure to be inflated many times over when the consoles hit eBay's grey market.

Naturally, the new box will come with a 250GB hard drive, although it's unlikely to ever be released officially outside Japan.

PS3 sales booming

At the same time, Sony announced that sales of the new PS3 slim passed 1 million in its first three weeks in the shops.

Aside from the sleeker case, the lower price has clearly been driving sales. SCE president Kaz Hirai explained:

"The new PS3 has been doing very well, and one of the reasons for this is the price. As a system in the living room, we have managed to realise this price without making any changes to what is good about it."