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Man accused of stealing PS4 by stuffing it down his trousers

MC Hammer

You're in a shop. You want a PS4. You've seen a PS4. You don't want to pay for the PS4. The PS4 is big. What is your next move?

If you're Christopher Caldwell, allegedly, you'll just stuff it down your trousers and attempt to make your escape. The man from West Palm Beach, Florida, reportedly tried to make off with the console down his pants in a Walmart store, but was (unsurprisingly) caught in the act.

Caldwell is said to have taken the console out of the box before sticking it in his trousers, making ample room for the accessories that he also stuck in there. The brass.

As of yet there's no security footage of the incident, but we suspect the picture above isn't a million miles off.