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Console price irrelevant - games matter most

Confirming what anyone with an ounce of sense already knows, research from Japan shows that the average video-gamer chooses a console on the basis of the quality of games available for it - the price of the hardware matters relatively very little.

A survey by price-comparison website Kakaku of over 3,000 gamers shows that just under half of respondents opt for a Wii,


or something else because it's home to their preferred games.

Platform-specific winners

In the case of the market-leading Wii, that might be because Wii Fit has that elusive appeal, whereas the PS3 likely draws fans of the Final Fantasy series, for example.

On the other hand, when asked about the initial outlay on a machine, a surprisingly small 6 per cent of those surveyed claimed the hardware cost was the primary mover.

Barking up wrong tree?

The point of the analysis is that the endless speculation about the cost of consoles - particularly the premium price of Sony's machine - may have far less of an impact on hardware sales than was thought.

As if to prove that point, the second most-important buying factor is the elusive 'buzz' - 43 per cent said they want the console that's most talked about. Sounds like the marketing suits are doing their job then - are you listening Sony?