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CliffyB's ideal Xbox controller mod

New 360 controller modded minimalistically
New 360 controller modded minimalistically

This new Xbox 360 controller mod removes all of the traditional controllers face buttons and, depending on your point of view, is either the most awesome game controller ever designed or a modding travesty.

Gears of War designer CliffyB has said on a number of occasions that he would like to see more games that simplify control down to the most essential basics, ideally only using the two thumb-sticks and the two trigger buttons. This, then, would presumably by CliffyB's dream 360 controller!

Minimalist dream? Or modding nightmare?

The modder bunged a few switches on the back of the controller that do the same as the buttons he has removed from the front.

He was also kind enough to document the process in a handy video format, should you feel the need to attack your Xbox's control pads with a screwdriver and a Stanley knife in the near future.

What do you think? Is this a work of minimalistic modding art or a pointless waste of time? Can the controller beat the mouse/keyboard for first person shooter control? These, and many other questions, will continue to be debated in the TechRadar offices until the end of time.

(Acidmods via Engadget)