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Chinese assembly line footage appears on newly-bought HP laptop

Chinese assembly line footage appears on newly-bought HP laptop
A rare, unsupervised insight into the life of a Chinese assembly line worker appears on HP laptop

A video showing the manufacture of HP laptops on a Chinese assembly line arrived in the documents folder of a newly-bought machine

The three minute video, from the Quanta plant, shows one worker appearing to test the webcam of the computer, while assembly workers piece together laptops on a carousel in the background.

It appears that this test recording simply wasn't wiped before the laptop was package and shipped to its surprised new owner.

Mundane? Yes. Inhumane? No

However, it's interesting to point out that there's none of the human rights atrocities we commonly hear about during this rare unsanctioned look at the production line.

Indeed, workers seem to be conducting their business at a somewhat leisurely pace while chatting away with each other.

TechCrunch points out that the webcam tester is subject to "mundane" tasks that "not many of us would relish," which is pretty much the case in every factory in the world, no?

The video was discovered by Reddit user Malplace, who uploaded it to YouTube for the world to see.

Via: TechCrunch