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Green House USB ashtray, snowman

Firmly in the category marked 'Why on Earth did they make these?' come two new USB-powered products from Japan's masters of tackiness, Green House . One of the monstrosities is for smokers, while the other is clearly for folk mesmerised by bright lights and each is available for the bargain price of 500 Yen (£2).

The car-shaped USB Ashtray has to be one of the oddest things yet to hook up to a PC. The device does nothing until its top half is opened, upon which a light activates and a ventilation fan starts up. Naturally, the fan is supposed to suck the smoke away from any cigarette resting on the ashtray, but where does it go?

The USB Snowman stands 12cm tall and does its best to look ghastly as it cycles through four different colours, with LEDs powered once again by the magic of USB. This time, for a change, lucky UK shoppers have a chance to grab one of Japan's finest exports, as online retailer I Want One Of Those is stocking them for just £5.