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HIS unveils Radeon 6950, 6970 graphics cards

HIS 6950
HIS on its way to eyefinity.

Hightech Information System (HIS) has launched two new Radeon graphics cards, the HIS 6950 and 6970, with HD3D, Eyefinity 4, EyeDefinition and EyeSpeed.

The cards are powered by the brand new 6900 GPU from AMD and give HD gaming performance with DirectX 11 support.

Both cards feature 2GB GDDR 5, with the 6950 running 800MHz core clock speed and 5,000MHz memory clock speed. By contrast, the 6970 has a core clock speed of 880MHz and a clock memory speed of 5,500MHz.

Utilizing AMD's Eyefinity 4 Technology allows users to use up to 4 displays with innovative "wrap around" capabilities.

Going Stereoscopic

As evidence that these are aimed at the burgeoning games market, these cards have HD3D technology. With this, each eye receives two separate images at the same time, with a resolution higher than 1080p. Using HD3D glasses users can enjoy stereo 3D gaming.

The technology includes Blu-ray 3D, 3rd Party Stereo 3D middleware software and 6800 Series GPU support and also offers an audio experience with compatible displays.