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Choiix Boom Boom shown off

Choiix Boom Boom
Choiix Boom Boom speaker

Coolermaster has announced the Choiix Boom Boom speaker, a low-cost option to play your music on the go.

The Choiix branded Boom Boom will cost less than £17 and offer what the company describes as "high volume and a high quality, acceptable sound".

"It's a slim size with a light design for consumers' needs," says the Choiix press release.

"Since the Boom Boom Speaker utilises the power provided by laptop USB ports it can come equipped with four slim drivers that are optimally placed to construct a perfect sound experience."

Slim and light

"The best of both worlds is now offered by Choiix's brand new product the Boom Boom Speaker. It's a slim size with a light design for consumers' needs."

The Choiix Boom Boom has been given a UK release date of mid-September with an expected price of £16.95.