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Bose brings Bluetooth back to TV theatre tech

Bose Solo 15 series II

Bose has announced its new Solo 15 series II TV sound system, bringing wireless music streaming and an updated remote to its pedestal sound system.

The update introduces Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the speaker to double as a wireless music streaming device when it's not tackling explosions, romantic monologues, or whatever your preferred brand of cinema tends to deliver.

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Now you don't need to worry about getting out your favourite portable Bluetooth speaker and making sure it's charged, as Bose's Solo 15 series II will be sitting there under your TV, ready to go.

What did he say?

The system also comes with an advanced universal remote that'll control your system, TV, and other connected sources from one device, along with a bass control function that lets you adjust the depth of your audio.

The system features five drivers, and has a dedicated centre speaker that's designed to make dialogue easier to understand – no rewinding to find out exactly what was said.

With measurements of 62.9cm x 35.6cm x 7.6cm, the Solo 15 series II will fit discreetly under TVs with screens up to 50 inches. It retails for US$499.95 / AUD$649.