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Audio trailblazer Fritz Sennheiser dies at 98

Prof Sennheiser - a true creator
Prof Sennheiser - a true creator

Professor Fritz Sennheiser, the founder of one of the most famous names in audio, has died at the age of 98.

Sennheiser, who founded the company that bore his name in the summer of 1945, passed away in the evening of 17 May.

Prof Dr Sennheiser, to give him his correct title, had a huge influence in the development of sound transmission, with his company's offerings considered among the best in the world.

He retired from am active management role in Sennheiser in 1982 to hand over to his son Jorg.

Humble beginnings

But it was Sennheiser's insistence that innovation was the key to success that represents him best.

"Our engineers have always been given a lot of freedom. They are allowed to give free rein to their creative ideas, no matter how crazy they might seem," he once said.

"Often, it is these very ideas that result in the best developments and the best products. Any reservations expressed by financial managers who first of all had an eye on profit were thus reliably dispersed.

"After all, a company doesn't only sell products but primarily sells ideas."

With this kind of thinking, Sennheiser leaves a lasting legacy of innovation and excellence.