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Best Mac antivirus software of 2021

Best Mac antivirus

We all know the received wisdom - there's no point in getting antivirus for Mac because Apple products are completely impenetrable. Right?

Well, no. And it's probably a pretty short sighted view these days considering the sheer amount of Mac and MacBook owners across the globe, and thus an enormous potential target for hackers and cyber criminals. And malware aimed at Macs are sadly becoming more common. That's where getting the best Mac antivirus becomes crucial. You don't want to pick up that new MacBook Pro, only to have it crippled by a cyber attack!

Sure, Apple machines are still targeted less than their Windows counterparts, but they can still be infected - and the risks are increasing, which is why you need protection. Every Mac antivirus product in this list has been chosen because it's especially designed to protect Mac systems and has scored highly at identifying and removing viruses and malware. 

The macOS operating system is based on Unix, which is sandboxed, meaning it can be very difficult for viruses to do any damage. Think of them as locked in a little box from which they can’t escape, no matter how hard they try. This means that you will need specific Mac antivirus software - whether that be the very strongest paid-for protection or a free download that we've picked out at the bottom of this guide - that's been designed to work with the unique demands that macOS has. So read on for our top choices...


Bitdefender is today's #1 best Mac antivirus
It goes without saying that this premium provider has the goods when it comes to pure malware spotting, blocking and clearing. But it's the quality of its extra features that help make Bitdefender the best, including ransomware protection, anti-phishing, and super secure web browser protection.

The best Mac antivirus in 2021:

(Image credit: Bitdefender)

Top-notch antivirus protection for Macs

Maximum devices covered: 3
Stand out features: Online banking and web protection, Time Machine protection, multi-layer ransomware defenses
Reasons to buy
+Excellent antivirus engine+Useful privacy protection touches+Scans for Windows malware too
Reasons to avoid
-Is missing a few features like a firewall

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is one of the most accurate virus protection suites for Apple devices out there, built on a sterling antivirus engine which is consistently rated among the top performers by independent testing labs (and it boasts fast scan times, too). 

It’s not just about core antivirus defenses, though, because Bitdefender also offers a suitably broad raft of features. That includes multi-layer ransomware protection, excellent anti-phishing capabilities, with very robust web browser protection delivered via an extension. 

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac also keeps a watchful eye out for adware, and is capable of scanning and picking up on Windows PC malware. That helps you defend against the possibility of you transmitting a Windows virus to your friends or family who might have Windows 10 PCs.

An extra layer of security for Time Machine is a useful addition, too, in order to keep backups safe from ransomware attacks. And a further nifty extra is the integration of Bitdefender VPN, although that said, the data allowance here is limited to 200MB daily, which is very little – so it’s only good for very occasional use. Still, it’s certainly better than nothing and handy in a pinch.

If you’re at all concerned about viruses and the other nastiness floating around on the internet, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the best software for Macs in 2021. Finally, note that as well as this standalone Mac antivirus, you can also get protection for your Mac as part of Bitdefender Total Security, the firm’s flagship security suite (which covers Macs, Android and iOS devices, plus Windows PCs – up to 10 devices in total).

(Image credit: Intego )

Software from the Mac specialists

Maximum devices covered: 5
Stand out features: Intelligent firewall, anti-spyware protection, online privacy protection
Reasons to buy
+Intelligent firewall+Easy-to-use+30-day free trial
Reasons to avoid
-Something of a performance hit

Intego is a veteran antivirus provider which has been defending Macs for over two decades now, so if there’s any software maker that knows what kind of security Apple machines need, it’s this company.

Mac Internet Security X9 provides good antivirus protection against the latest threats, and has been generally rated highly by the independent testing labs in the past (although it slipped slightly in the most recent December 2020 Mac test by AV-Test). Scans are reasonably swift, too, plus you get protection against Windows malware.

Outside of that robust core malware defense, it boasts an intelligent firewall with anti-spyware countermeasures. Intego helps shore up your privacy levels by defending against third-party apps attempting to hoover up your data. On top of all that, Mac Internet Security X9 offers a neat interface, and it’s nicely user-friendly.

The main downsides here are that the app hits system performance a little harder than some rivals, and that slightly shakier most recent AV-Test evaluation – but we shouldn’t put too much stock in a single test, as previously, Intego has performed better than this.

Another benefit with Intego is a lengthy 30-day free trial, so you can take Mac Internet Security X9 for a good spin to see if it meets your approval. Note that there’s also a full Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 which consists of Internet Security X9 plus a whole host of extras including backup and performance optimization features.

(Image credit: Kaspersky)

Mac protection from a well-known brand

Maximum devices covered: 3
Stand out features: Stand out features: Secure browser, highly configurable virus scans, webcam hijacking protection
Reasons to buy
+Good malware detection powers+Loads of features+Secure browser for online banking
Reasons to avoid
-Not the cheapest Mac antivirus around

Kaspersky is a well-regarded name in the field of antivirus protection, and it maintains that reputation with its Internet Security for Mac software, which positively bristles with features.

You get top-quality malware defenses – when it comes to the independent test labs, Kaspersky is consistently rated as one of the best for Mac antivirus – plus malicious URL blocking, ransomware protection, and countermeasures against webcam hijacking. Kaspersky also provides an encrypted browser for additional security when it comes to sensitive online tasks like doing your banking.

On an overall level, the Mac app looks similar to the Windows 10 antivirus version, which of course is highly rated in itself). There’s lots to like here, then, even if this internet security suite hasn’t changed much since last year – but then, if it ain’t broke, as they say…

The main fly in the ointment here is that Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac can be somewhat pricier than top-tier rivals, depending on the exact level of discounting on offer. There’s usually a decent chunk of money off the asking price, making the suite more compelling value – but if not, it might be worth checking out the vanilla version of Kaspersky Internet Security (which at times can be cheaper, and also covers Macs as well as other devices).

Head to Kasperksy's website to grab its Mac Internet Security product

(Image credit: Norton)

Great protection for those with multiple devices

Maximum devices covered: 5
Stand out features: Intelligent firewall, cloud backup, VPN
Reasons to buy
+Protects 5 devices+Lots of features+Comes with a bundled VPN
Reasons to avoid
-More system performance impact than average

Norton is another well-respected brand in the antivirus world, and provides excellent malware detection for Mac computers. Indeed, Norton 360 Deluxe delivers protection for Macs, Windows PCs, or mobile devices – up to five of them in total. So, if you’ve got plenty of Macs or MacBooks to cover, or perhaps a Windows laptop as well, and of course your smartphone, Norton will have your back across all bases.

You get quite a helping of features here, including strong antivirus protection, anti-ransomware, a firewall, parental controls, and some very neat extras including cloud backup functionality and a password manager. There’s also a major bonus in the form of Norton Secure VPN to help maintain better security and privacy when online.

While you get impressive benefits on the security front, for sure, one thing to be aware of is that Norton 360 does have more of a noticeable impact on your system performance than some rivals.

Furthermore, the asking price of this security suite is on the more costly side by default. That said, there are usually offers knocking a substantial amount of money off, and at the time of writing, you can get a pretty good deal on a subscription – particularly when you consider the number of devices covered.

Get 360 Deluxe or check out Norton's full antivirus range here

(Image credit: Trend Micro )

Good security that includes social network protection

Maximum devices covered: 1
Stand out features: Social media protection, email scam filtering, parental controls
Reasons to buy
+Great anti-malware defenses+Keeps you safe on social media+Boasts parental controls
Reasons to avoid
-Just covers a single device

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac  is another good choice to keep your Mac secure, and its antivirus engine is well thought of by the independent testing labs. In fact, Trend Micro’s antivirus comes close to the top performers in terms of the core malware protection the app provides.

This program’s feature-set includes ransomware protection (courtesy of Folder Shield), parental controls, camera and microphone protection, anti-phishing defenses, and a social media privacy checker which monitors social network usage for the many threats which are increasingly delivered via these channels. This package is also easy to get to grips with and generally user-friendly.

On the downside, sometimes virus scans can be lengthier than you’ll experience with competing products, and Trend Micro slows down Mac systems more than most rival suites. Also, the app only covers a single device (but that might be all you need).

Furthermore, some rival antivirus suites offer more features. Trend Micro lacks a firewall, for example, or protection for the likes of online banking - the firm’s Pay Guard secure browser is reserved for the Maximum Security for Mac suite.

That said, note that at the time of writing, you can get the latter suite for the same price as Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac – and extended coverage for up to five devices (including Windows PCs, Android and iOS mobiles, and Chromebooks). Indeed, this offer seems to run quite often, so it’s well worth keeping an eye out for a deal like this, and grabbing the Trend Micro Maximum Security suite instead.

(Image credit: Clario)

6. Clario

All-in-one security package which is pitched at total novices

Maximum devices covered: 6
Stand out features: VPN, identity theft protection, secure browser
Reasons to buy
+Good quality antivirus protection+NordVPN-powered integrated VPN+Supremely user-friendly
Reasons to avoid
-Mobile apps are really basic-Not cheap compared to some rivals

Clario aims to be an all-encompassing security package, and it succeeds in that goal, providing antivirus and a whole lot more. The central antivirus engine is powered by Bitdefender, our top-rated provider, so unsurprisingly Clario does well here. In the only Mac test from the independent labs where it’s evaluated thus far (namely AV-Test), it scored full marks for malware protection.

As mentioned, you get a whole host of security extras here, including a full integrated Mac VPN service (powered by NordVPN, a well-respected provider), identity theft protection, secure browsing, anti-tracking countermeasures and more.

The Mac app is smartly designed to be very easy to use for beginners, although on the flipside, it pushes ease of use so much that tech-savvy types may be put off. The other drawback doesn’t apply to Mac users, because the Mac app works well – but the mobile apps are disappointingly basic. Yes, Clario also supports iOS or Android devices (but not Windows) – up to three or six of them on the monthly or yearly subscription plans respectively.

The asking price is a fair bit more than some of the rival suites on this page, but having high-quality antivirus and VPN protection rolled together in a really beginner-friendly package will definitely appeal to some Mac users.

(Image credit: Avast)

User-friendly antivirus with notable anti-ransomware chops

Maximum devices covered: 10
Stand out features: Ransomware Shield, Wi-Fi intruder alerts, web protection
Reasons to buy
+Good core antivirus protection+Impressive Ransomware Shield+Robust network protection
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best value

Avast Premium Security comes well-equipped to defend your Mac, and its antivirus protection has impressed both the major independent testing labs – so that’s obviously a good start.

Backing this up is a decent library of features, including a Ransomware Shield as an extra layer of defense to protect against this particularly nasty strain of malware. It's a capability that seemed to work well in our testing, and could work against even the latest undiscovered threats out there.

You also get a good level of protection when web browsing, with Avast firmly steering you away from any phishing sites, and Wi-Fi intruder alerts are on hand in case your home network happens to be compromised.

The main downside here is that if you only want Avast Premium Security to protect a single Mac, it works out very expensive – but if you pay a bit more for the cross-platform Premium Security suite that covers 10 devices (which can be not just Macs, but also Windows PCs and smartphones), it’s much more competitively priced assuming you need that level of coverage. Even so, there are better overall value options elsewhere.

(Image credit: ClamXAV)

A trusted scanner for macOS

Maximum devices covered: 9
Stand out features: Adware blocking, Time Machine protection, ransomware defenses
Reasons to buy
+Mac-specific tools+Simple to use
Reasons to avoid
-Not many features-No website filtering

ClamXAV doesn’t have the catchiest of names, but it’s the antivirus software for Mac that many IT professionals swear by – not least because it only creates AV for Apple computers.

That doesn’t mean it’s overly complicated – in fact, ClamXAV has one of the most simple and easy-to-use interfaces out of all the Mac antivirus software on this list. 

It’s particularly adept at catching viruses in email attachments, and while it doesn't come with some of the internet safety tools of other suites, it’s still an excellent choice for protecting your Mac. Plus, it’s an app which now runs natively on M1-powered devices.

ClamXAV was only rated in one round of Mac testing by the independent labs throughout 2020, but AV-Test was very positive in its evaluation, giving this antivirus full marks in its June 2020 test.

Mac antivirus FAQ

What is the best Mac antivirus?

Do I really need Mac antivirus?

That really depends on you. The risk of infection remains pretty remote, and if you practice basic security measures and don’t fall for common scams then you’re very unlikely to suffer from any problems. Even ransomware can be defeated with the cunning tactic of having a backup of anything important. 

That said, if you’ve ever experienced the mess malware can make on a Windows system you’ll know that just getting things back to normal can be an incredible time thief, especially if key data has been damaged. Perhaps the question shouldn’t be whether Mac antivirus is worth the money, but whether your time is more valuable than the cost of a security app.

Mac antivirus: what’s the effect on performance?

Most of us believe that virus protection software has a negative effect on performance, but chances are it’s much less negative than we think: in their tests, AV-Test found that there was no measurable performance drop when using providers like ClamXav, MacKeeper, Kaspersky or Norton.

There was a measurable difference with Sophos and Trend Micro (two per cent of additional system load), and with ESET and Bitdefender, which added around four per cent to the overall system load.

MacBook Touch

(Image credit: Daniel Brunsteiner)

How we rank Mac antivirus

While the amount of Mac malware is still considerably less than that targeting Windows, its still 100 times higher than what experts predicted just a few years ago.

The excellent AV-TEST regularly puts antivirus programs through their paces, and their most recent tests took place in December 2020 on macOS Catalina. They test three key areas: malware detection, false positives and performance.

For Mac malware, seven packages achieved 100% detection without false positives.

We combine AV-TEST's findings with our own product research and reviewing. We focus further into the usability of the products, their features and how good they are to use and live with on a day-to-day basis.

Do I need free or paid-for antivirus for Mac?

The debate is the same regardless of whether you have a Mac or a PC. Free antivirus products are effective at protecting against threats but they lack certain premium features. 

Having multiple systems on a network means cyberattacks have more users and more endpoints to target. Additional management tools that let you set policies can help mitigate this risk.

Macs might be considered safer than PCs, but it still might not be risking it for the sake of saving some money.

But if you're dead set on a free Mac antivirus, you can find some of the best apps out there below on this page.

Top 5 best free antivirus for Mac in 2021

(Image credit: Avast )

Strong all-round protection for your Mac

Reasons to buy
+Real-time protection +Blocks access to dangerous sites +Detects network vulnerabilities 
Reasons to avoid
-Need to upgrade for some features

Avast Free Mac Security goes the extra mile to protect your Mac with an unusually lengthy feature list. 

The core antivirus engine offers real-time protection to catch threats when they appear, for instance. You can run on-demand full system scans if you suspect a problem, or launch a more targeted check on specific files, folders or drives. It's even possible to schedule scans to run automatically when you're not around. 

A Web Shield warns you about malicious websites, blocks dangerous downloads and email attachments, and protects your privacy by eliminating intrusive ad tracking.

There's an unusual extra in Avast's wireless network scanner, which quickly checks your network, router and connected devices, alerting you to any vulnerabilities.

Mac antivirus software isn't often checked by the independent testing labs, but Avast's most recent results were good, with AV Comparative's 2018 test finding the package detected 100 percent of sample threats. 

If you'd like even more, upgrading to Avast Security Pro gets you ransomware protection and instant alerts of Wi-Fi intruders or changes in your network security.

(Image credit: Avira )

Block the latest malware before it can cause damage

Reasons to buy
+Real-time protection +Detects Mac and Windows threats 
Reasons to avoid
-No web filtering 

While many antivirus companies try to win you over by piling on the features, Avira Antivirus for Mac takes a simpler, more lightweight approach. There's no web filtering, no network scanning or other security extras: it's purely focused on keeping your system malware-free. 

That doesn't mean the package is short on power. Its real-time scanner checks any file the system accesses, picking up threats before they can do any harm. The scheduler enables setting up the app to scan your system automatically, or you're able to check your entire system whenever you like. 

As a bonus, the app doesn't just protect against Mac threats. It also uses Avira's Windows experience to pick up any PC-related malware, ensuring you won't share any files that might endanger your friends. 

The main testing labs haven't evaluated Avira Free Antivirus for a while, but AV Comparatives last report found the Avira engine blocked 100% of test malware (tying with Avast), and with Avira's strong record on the PC we've no doubt that this is an app you can trust. 

Although this list is all about free Mac antivirus, Avira deserves a mention for its commercial Avira Antivirus Pro product. It includes tech support and protects up to three devices with one license (Mac, Windows and Android).

(Image credit: Bitdefender )

Point, click, detect, remove, done. Easy...

Reasons to buy
+Easy to use +Hourly signature updates 
Reasons to avoid
-No real-time protection 

Bitdefender Virus Scanner is a lightweight free malware hunter which can track down and remove both Mac and Windows-related threats. 

A simple and straightforward interface makes the app extremely easy to use. A status display keeps you up-to-date on how your system is doing, and four buttons enable running a quick scan of critical locations, an in-depth check of your entire system, or speedy scans of running applications or a folder of your choice. 

Although this looks all very basic, use Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac for a while and you begin to notice some very neat touches. 

The app doesn't force you to wait a day for your next virus signature updates, for instance. Bitdefender issues updates every hour and Virus Scanner always fetches the latest version before it starts a scan. 

An option to exclude files and folders from the scan - network shares, system backups - is another plus, reducing the work the engine has to do and significantly speeding up your scan times. 

What you don't get here is any form of real-time protection or web filtering, essential tools for a complete security solution. This simplicity also reduces the chance of conflicts with other apps, though, suggesting Bitdefender Virus Scanner could be a useful second opinion tool which you run alongside another security app. 

(Image credit: Malwarebytes )

Quick and easy anti-malware from a big-name provider

Reasons to buy
+Lightweight +Speedy scanning 
Reasons to avoid
-No real-time protection 

Mac antivirus software isn't just about detecting the latest most deadly ransomware, or other high-risk threats. Most tools can also strip out adware and other potentially unwanted programs which may not be highly dangerous, but are wasting system resources and slowing your Mac down. 

Malwarebytes has been eliminating the full range of Windows threats since 2006, and the Mac edition is just as simple, straightforward and effective. 

The app is such a lightweight installation, the size of three digital music files, that you'll barely notice it's there. And while the lack of real-time protection means Malwarebytes can't stop attacks - only remove existing infections - it also ensures there's no real impact on your system resources and the app is unlikely to conflict with other antivirus tools. 

Performance is another highlight, with Malwarebytes claiming the average system is scanned in less than 15 seconds. Set it running when you check your emails in the morning and it'll be finished before you are. 

Installing Malwarebytes for Mac also gets you a 30-day trial of the Premium edition which is able to detect and block threats as they appear. If you're not interested in this, ignore it; real-time protection will disappear when the trial expires and you'll get on-demand scanning only.

(Image credit: Sophos )

A complete security suite, for free

Reasons to buy
+Loads of features +Accurate detection rates +Protect Macs and PCs from one account 
Reasons to avoid
-Basic level - upgrading brings more features

The free antivirus market is highly competitive and it can be difficult for individual companies to stand out from the crowd, but the British vendor Sophos has found a way: it gives you more features in its free products than many competitors provide in their paid editions. 

On-demand scanning to clean up infected systems? Check. Real-time protection to prevent attacks in the first place? Of course. Browser filtering which blocks access to dangerous sites? Naturally. Parental controls to define the content your child can access online? Yep. 

Oh, and you can cover up to three Mac or Windows devices with a single account, and remotely check and manage their status from a central web console - potentially very useful when protecting the whole family. 

Sophos isn't just piling on these extras to disguise a weak antivirus engine, either. AV Test's December 2017 Mac detection rate tests showed Sophos delivered the same level of protection as products from Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and other big names. 

This works for us, but if you need more, Sophos Home Premium does have some worthwhile extra features: advanced ransomware protection, monitoring of access to your webcam and microphone, live chat and email support, and the option to protect up to 10 devices. It's a strong feature set, and competitively priced at £37.50 ($48) a year.