Twitter reveals Brits' favourite destinations

Loads of people apparently just like staying at home

A survey of British holidaymakers on Twitter has revealed that most are defying the credit crunch and heading over to New York.

The Vodafone #ukhols map, which tracks all Tweets with the specific hashtag, automatically plots a Google Maps mashup of where people say they're going.

Apparently 16 per cent of Britons are staying at home for their holidays this year, although only four per cent of Londoners are remaining in country.

St Ives? Really?

In a result that casts a little doubt over the findings, St Ives was the fifth most popular destination from the UK... which can surely only help the economy if true.

Users can either Tweet their holiday destination, age, sex and first half of the postcode to joint the fun, or text it in instead.

It's meant to be a tool to let you know where the crowds are going on holiday, but in all honesty, we just like having a nose through what people are doing from our part of the world.

Oh, and we managed to go through this whole piece without using the word 'staycationing'. We're proud.


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