Download of the day: Vuze

Optimize torrents for speed or data usage


Bittorrent is a fantastic way of shoving things around the internet, especially if those things are big things: uncompressed or high-res audio, for example, or video, or ISOs of entire operating systems. Unlike traditional downloads you don’t lose your progress if the connection is cut, and because torrents can pull data from multiple sources, known as 'seeders', the download speeds can be very, very quick indeed.

To use Bittorrent, however, you need a client. That's where Vuze comes in.

Why you need it

There are lots of torrent clients out there, but some of them are a little simplistic and some of them are overly complicated. Vuze sits right in the middle, with a nice and friendly user interface but enough power to keep more advanced users happy too. It has an integrated HD video player, an excellent search feature and the ability to subscribe to content feeds to make sure you don’t miss any new releases.

Vuze doesn’t hog system resources, it can optimize downloads for the maximum possible speeds or minimal effect on bandwidth, and there’s even a remote option you can use to manage your torrents when you’re away from your PC.

Just watch out for the adware that’s in the installer: if you just happily click on Next buttons during the installation process, you may well end up with software or browser settings you don’t want.

Download here: Vuze