Download of the day: Artweaver Free

Different brushstrokes for different folks

Artweaver Free enables you to create beautifully realistic digital paintings by taking your input – from your mouse, from a stylus, or if you have a touchscreen PC from whatever you feel like tapping the screen with – and applying ultra-realistic brush effects.

In addition to familiar brushes such as conte brushes, calligraphy pens and airbrushes you also get a huge range of patterns and pens, enabling you to produce very complex images with the minimum of effort. It’s layer-based too, so you can build up your masterpiece in layers without losing the ability to change anything.

Why you need it

Because art is fun, even if like us you can’t draw for toffee. And it’s a great tool for anybody with an artistic bent, too.

Artweaver Free is designed to encourage you to pay for the Artweaver Plus product, but that doesn’t mean key features have been removed: while you don’t get advanced toys such as the brush editor or custom palettes, all the important stuff is present and correct.

While the app is designed for users of all ages we’ve found it particularly useful for children. Kids love experimenting with all the different brushes, and we love not having to clean up any mess afterwards.

Download here: Artweaver Free