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Red Submarine Core Duo Audio System review

Sounding out the Red Submarine

A system built for the audiophile in us all

Our Verdict

If 007 could sneak as silently as this baby, he'd hardly ever get into trouble


  • Well priced

    Super silent


  • Weak on the gaming front

Audio is one of the least intensive tasks we consider, but Red Submarine still sent us a fairly powerful system. Based around an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 processor and 2GB of RAM, the PC was no benchmark slouch. Only the ATi Radeon X1300 graphics are relatively meagre, providing weak gaming performance.

But then this isn't what the Red Submarine is about. Befitting an audio creation PC, it's almost silent, so all you'll be recording is the sound you mean to. Focusrite's Saffire LE external Firewire audio interface offers six inputs and eight outputs, including a pair of balanced XLR inputs, and signal-to-noise is in excess of 105dB.

Ableton Live 5.2.2 is bundled for audio recording and music creation, and there are three hard drives: an 80GB one for OS and programs, and a pair of 250GB disks configured as a 500GB RAID array for audio recording. With the full range of peripherals provided in the package, including a 19in Viewsonic VA1912w TFT, the Red Submarine is one of the more keenly priced PCs around.