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FSC Amilo Pro V2085 review

A budget business laptop that's not bad in the home either

Our Verdict

If the basic graphics capability doesn't put you off, this is a powerful and capable laptop


  • Comes with Windows XP Professional

    Strong battery life


  • No software bundle

    Gaming out of the question

The Amilo Pro V2085 (£430 inc. VAT) is an affordable business system. One of the cheapest and most powerful laptops in this price bracket, this is a great choice for the mobile professional.

At 2.9kg, the Amilo is quite bulky. It's comfortable to carry on short trips, but the weight does start to become uncomfortable on longer journeys. Its battery life of 246 minutes is impressive, however, and will keep you working for more than four hours.

With an effective internal cooling system, the chassis remains cool at all times. We were able to work with the laptop on our lap in complete comfort when travelling. While the white keyboard attracts dirt easily, it is wide with a comfortable typing action.

Ideal for business use, the 15.4-inch screen provides optimum visibility, both in the office and on the move. With no glossy Super-TFT coating, there are no reflections even when working outside. Colours are vibrant and image quality is sharp.

Corporate stability

With Windows XP Professional installed, business features that you don't expect for this price are provided. Basic file encryption keeps your data safe from prying eyes, and advanced system restore features make it easier to recover from system failures.

Unfortunately, no extra office software is included in the price, so you'll need to factor this into your budget, which may deter first-time buyers.

To keep costs down, an older Intel Pentium M processor has been used. Despite lacking the dual-core processing power of the Gateway, an effective design provides high-performance. Even when multi-tasking and editing home movies, the system ran quickly and reliably.

3D performance is less impressive and won't suit gaming. Using an older integrated graphics chip from Intel, we struggled to play modern games at even the lowest resolutions. Multimedia presentations and 2D games aren't affected by this lack of power.

To share data with PDAs or smartphones, a 3-in-1 card reader is located on the left side of the laptop.

Aimed at both home and business users, high-speed network adapters mean wireless and fixed networks can be accessed at fast speeds. This makes it easy to send and receive large files, whether at home or on the move.

Providing high performance and impressive mobility at an affordable price, the FSC Amilo Pro V2085 is well suited to small business owners. Extra software will need to be added for full business use, but at this price you'll still walk away with change from £500.