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UK to get dedicated space agency

Britain joins the space race
Britain joins the space race

The UK is all set to get its own dedicated space agency, to help co-ordinate Britain's future space endeavours.

With Richard Branson unveiling his space-shuttle this week, it's quite a busy time for the UK when it comes to all things intergalactic, so it's a good job then that science minister Lord Drayson has announced that extra funding is on the way.

Fully exploited

The new, and as-yet-unamed agency is set to replace the existing British National Space Centre, and would mean that some sort of British presence in space would be guaranteed.

"The international community is beginning to define the infrastructure that will be used on the moon and elsewhere for the next 20 to 30 years," explained Drayson.

"Decisions taken in the coming few years will thus affect the role that the UK does or does not play in this initiative for years to come."

He continued: "Our space sector hasn't missed a beat during this recession.

"The new space agency is about making sure that the UK fully exploits its competitive advantage in satellites, robotics and related technologies."

Via The Guardian