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Each Saturday, we'll give you links to the tech reading the TechRadar team has found interesting this week. Enjoy, and add your own below!

Are netbooks losing their shine?

(Guardian) Netbooks were the big story of 2008 but suddenly, sales have stalled. Is it because these cheap, simple devices are no longer as cheap or simple? Jack Schofield thinks so, and he makes a good, well evidenced case that manufacturers are forgetting the reasons netbooks hit big in the first place. REVEALING

How long did it take the world to identify Google as an Altavista killer?

(Tehnologizer) Harry McCraken does some great research to highlight Google's rise from lab experiment to powerhouse. He traces the first post about Google to Usenet, when 'google' was still a subdomain of (it still is, by the way), then shows how its reputation grew via references in a variety of media. A neat trip down memory lane. NOSTALGIA.

Hoax, or proof of impending cyber apocalypse?

(Wired video) Very cool viral video showing two hackers hijacking a skyscraper's internal lighting system, then playing a giant game of space invaders on the front of the building, with each lit room acting as a pixel. It's a fake, of course, but it's the opening for a few thoughts on whether stuff like this is really possible, and what it means if it is. ENTERTAINING

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