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Syrian hackers target Skype's social media accounts over 'spying'

Skype Twitter
A clear message

A hacker group known as the Syrian Electronic Army has apparently hacked into the Facebook, Twitter and official blog of Skype.

The group posted messages to Skype's public profiles, alleging that Skype and Microsoft spy on their users.

They posted two messages across Skype's accounts. The first, directed at Skype itself, read simply, "Stop spying on people!"

The other asserted that Microsoft monitors users emails through outlook and hotmail accounts and is "selling the data to the governments."

Innocent until proven hacked

Skype appears to have regained control of its accounts, as the messages have since been deleted. But they remain on the SEA's Twitter.

The Syrian Electronic Army has launched several cyber attacks against major institutions in the last year, including the BBC's weather account, The New York Times, and Twitter itself.

skype SEA hack

The group supports Syria's president Bashar al-Assad, though its most recent messages don't appear to have any particular political slant.

Microsoft, along with other companies, spent 2013 trying to convince the world that it wasn't cooperating with the NSA's surveillance activities.

But a report over the summer said that Microsoft was in fact helping the NSA decrypt emails and Skype conversations.