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Electronic paper advertising in the wild


Now that it's all grown up and mature, electronic paper is stating to get out a bit more and enjoy life. Its latest sortie sees it appearing on train station ticket gates as a variety of advertising posters.

The trial scheme is being conducted - where else? - in Japan by Fujitsu, Hitachi and the

marketing arm of the JR East railway company

. From Monday, commuters at Ebisu station in central Tokyo will be exposed to the results.

Low demands

The Fujitsu-Hitachi e-paper ads appear at two spots on the automatic ticket barriers in the station, displaying adverts that change every six minutes on a feed from a networked PC. Each can display 512 colours, measures 21 x 10.5cm and has a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels.

The wide viewing angle and low power requirements of e-paper - it consumes electricity only when the display changes - seem certain to guarantee it a place in the advertising firmament if the trial goes well, so look out for some animated ads at a station near you soon.