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FA trials digital football ad hoardings replacements

FA - going feet first into digital advertising
FA - going feet first into digital advertising

The FA is looking into using digital technology to manipulate pitch side ad hoardings at high profile football matches.

The new technology allows adverts to be digitally inserted into a live broadcast of a football match, so that the static advertising can be changed depending on what country you are viewing the match from.

Digital inserts

The technology being used has the rather Ronseal-esque name of Digital Replacement Advertising and has been created by Supponer, a Finnish company.

If the trials are a success then it could mean more revenue for TV companies and a kick in the teeth for those who use the billboards to advertise their wares – given that another advert could be digitally inserted over their existing one in certain countries.

The idea of inserting adverts digitally into programmes is not new but it hasn't yet been used for football.

Sky did use digital inserts in its TV show A Different Breed. Advertising for a well-known dog food brand was inserted into the programme digitally in the post-production process.

Via Brand Republic