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A Spanish comedy club is using facial recognition for nefarious purposes

pay per laugh
Welcome to the end times

Seriously, try not to laugh. At one Barcelona comedy club, it will cost you.

The club has fitted its seats with tablets that watch attendees and using facial recognition to tally up their laughs. They're then charged .30 euros (about $.38, £.24, AU$.43) by the giggle, up to a total of 24 euros (about $30.27, £18.90, AU$34.79). Watch a video about it on Vimeo.

As The Verge points, this is not a joke, despite how ridiculous it seems to literally punish customers at a comedy club for laughing. The system was previously covered by the likes of Europa Press and the BBC.

This was apparently meant to be an experiment, but now that it's effectively raised ticket prices other venues across Spain are looking to implement it as well. Joy.

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