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17,000 USB sticks left at dry cleaners in 2010

USB sticks - forgettable
USB sticks - forgettable

TechRadar's favourite odd press release of the year so far has suggested that there has been a 400 per cent increase in the number of USB sticks being left behind in clothes to be dry cleaned.

Credant Technologies has cut through the chaff of everday news and got to the wheat of what people really care about – USB stick loss – and the statistics are, frankly, jaw-dropping.

More than 500 dry cleaners and laundrettes took part in the survey and, apparently, some 17,000 USB sticks were left in 2010, that's four times the number found in 2009.


"The numbers of USB sticks forgotten in trousers and shirt pockets is staggering and is a direct result of growth in 'IT consumerisation,' as consumers today carry more and more mobile devices than ever before, such as smart phones, laptops, iPads, USB sticks and other portable devices," said Sean Glynn, vice president of marketing, Credant Technologies.

"Inevitably, unsuspecting consumers leave the USB sticks behind, creating a potential risk for their employers if these devices have proprietary information on them and end up in the hands of criminals."

So, have you been IT consumerised? Have you suffered the dreadful stomach clenching loss of a USB stick? If so, at least you know that you are not alone.