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Blu-ray discs set for possible price hike

Discs - not worth the polycarbonate they are made from
Discs - not worth the polycarbonate they are made from

Blu-rays and DVDs could well be set for a price hike after it was announced that the cost of procurement prices for polycarbonate is set to rise.

Polycarbonate is found everything from water bottles to sunglasses, but it is a key ingredient in creating Blu-rays, CDs and DVDs.

According to Digitimes, if prices for the material increase throughout the first quarter of the year then manufacturers will have to up their quotes.

High price

There is a silver lining in that to counteract the price hike that is inevitably to come from Taiwanese manufacturers, retailers in the Taiwan market have increased the amount of discs they have been purchasing – meaning that if there is a price increase we shouldn't see it in the shops for some time to come.

Blu-ray prices have stayed consistently high since the format's launch, so any price hike at this stage would be a major blow. Especially considering disc-based media is already fighting off the internet and the rise of the digital copy.

Via Digitimes