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Workshare integrates with SharePoint and iManage

Workshare SharePoint integration
SharePoint integration on screen
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Workshare has integrated its enterprise collaboration software with Microsoft SharePoint and Autonomy iManage.

It says the move is the first in a series of planned integrations to bridge the gap between document management systems (DMS) and content management systems (CMS).

The integration is available out of the box and saves users from having to download and email documents. Instead they can be synced when stored in DMS or CMS.

All people involved in a project can work from the same version of the synchronised document, and an indicator appears in the DMS or CMS to notify users of a collaboration on the Workshare platform.

A company can set a data security and reporting policy to strengthen security.

Anthony Foy, Chief Executive Officer of Workshare, made the point that Microsoft and Autonomy are among the leading DMS and ECM vendors, and that: "We're focused on optimising legacy investments in SharePoint and iManage to mobilise content securely within and outside of the organisation."