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Nevermind downloads; we still love CDs

We love our MP3 players, but CDs have life in them yet

Despite the popularity of download services such as the iTunes Store and Napster , it seems we can't quite let go of the CD. UK music fans bought more CDs than any other country in the world last year, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

"The rise of downloading in the singles market may have captured the headlines over the past couple of years, but when it comes to albums, UK music fans still overwhelmingly prefer the convenience and flexibility of physical formats," said ERA director general Kim Bayley.

"Digital still accounts for less than one-twelfth of the UK music market."

Overall CD sales in the UK reached 160 million, with albums such as Eyes Open by Snow Patrol and Beautiful World by Take That proving most popular. What's more, the average price of a CD is now less than £9 for the first time, brought on by the stiff competition from supermarket sales.

The average Briton bought 2.7 CDs in 2006, the same amount as the previous year. Norway and the US shared second place in the ERA's list, with 2.1 CDs bought per person. Ireland came in third, with 1.9 per person.