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Official: new Palm Treo arrives next week

Palm will be launching a new Windows Mobile-powered smartphone next week - this leaked picture from Gizmodo shows what the new "Centro" is expected to look like

Palm is launching its new Treo smartphone in Europe on 12 September, Palm has confirmed to today.

The new Palm Treo, which is rumoured to be launched as the Palm Centro, is a Windows Mobile 6-powered device that Palm is aiming at the younger user. The focus of the device is very much on messaging - text, email and instant messaging - and the mobile internet. As usual with Palm Treo devices, the new smartphone will have a Qwerty keypad under a large display.

Palm has been rumoured to be working closely with internet services, including Google and Yahoo, to enhance the new device's internet functionality. A new page on Palm's website is trialling the smartphone ahead of its launch, and offering visitors the chance to win one. has been invited to the Palm launch event in London on 12 September, and will be reporting directly on the new device.