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Mozilla wants you to view the web in 3D

Mozilla wants you to view the web in 3D
Viewing the web in three dimensions

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations for the Firefox browser, Mozilla has been looking into the possibilities of viewing the web through a third dimension.

The company has launched with the help of Oculus Rift in order to showcase the progress of a virtual web browsing experience. Fittingly, the website itself is compatible with the Oculus headset.

To experience it as Mozilla intended, you'll need the VR-enabled build of Firefox and an Oculus Rift. The site contains demos including a WebGL flyover of British Columbia, ready to be experienced in VR 3D.

In terms of surfing, the website explains that the process has: "menus and loading indicators appear as unobtrusive layers that wrap the experience and are easily summoned or dismissed."

Mozilla has also made the source code for MozVR available in the hope that developers will begin building their own VR web experiences.