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Send and archive added to Gmail

The function in all its glory
The function in all its glory

For those who like adding features to their Gmail, a new Labs feature will allow you put a send and archive button on your web account.

The useful feature, which can be switched on if you have enabled the Labs feature in Gmail saves literally seconds – but those slivers of time add up for serial emailers.

Essentially the button means that you can reply to something that has been sent to you and immediately keep your inbox spotless with a single click.

Pristine inbox

A post from the author of the tool on the official Gmail blog explains: "More often than not, as I reply to a message I also want to archive it so I can enjoy the satisfaction of a pristine inbox.

"Having clicked 'Send' followed by 'Archive' a few million times, I started to wish there was a way to just click once and accomplish both actions at the same time.

"So I decided to turn this idea to a Gmail Labs experiment."