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Google releases Chrome 25 beta, things get chatty

Chrome is about to be a chatty Cathy

If only Chrome could talk, imagine the stories the web browser could tell.

Well that dream, or perhaps nightmare, is coming true according to a post today on Chrome's blog. Google released a new beta of the web browser with a Web Speech API for developers.

The new software will allow users to interact with Chrome just by using their voice. And Google says there's more to voice commands than just executing web searches.

MC Chrome

Google imagines users will be able to dictate documents and control browser-based game characters through their voice alone. One day you may even be able to challenge Chrome to a freestyle rap battle, if Google gets its way.

Along with the new API, Google released a demo that lets users compose email just by talking into their computers.

There's also a video of a Google engineer showing off what the new software can do, complete with a peek at all the new script.

But to take advantage of the demo, users will have to download Chrome 25 beta version.

Other beta features include: improvements in managing and securing your extensions, continued testing of search and the new tab page, better support for HTML5 time/data inputs, and plenty of new goodies for developers.

Beta blitz

If you download the beta be warned, it may automatically disable some extensions on Windows to speed the installation. Users will be notified of the disabled extensions and have the option to re-engage them.

No word on when this version of the web browser leaves beta, so we aren't getting a chatty Chrome just yet. But the days of composing emails via keyboard may soon come to an end.

Just remember to heed the warning of countless sci-fi movies and don't give Chrome control of your air supply.