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Botnets back from Xmas break as spam doubles

Botnets back online, spam is a-flowing
Botnets back online, spam is a-flowing

If you opened up your email accounts over Christmas and the New Year, you would have found a distinct lack of Nigerian princes offering sackloads of cash, Viagra-like solutions to satiate your libido and online degree opportunities.

This was because a number of spambots decided to take the Christmas period off, possibly to visit long-distance relatives and fatten up on numerous mince pies.

But, like all good things, the spam holiday period has ended and major botnets like Rustock and Xarvester are back online spewing their unwanted missives.

Spam attacks

According to MessageLabs, 10 January saw a massive surge in spam mail, with a 98 per cent increase of junk hitting inboxes everywhere.

"It is too early to say what effect this will have on global spam levels, or if this return is permanent, but at the moment it certainly seems as if the holiday is over and it's now back to business as usual," says MessageLabs about the spam increase.

We've a feeling the spam kings missed a trick over the festive period, when extra money and a boost of Viagra were probably much needed to get us through the holidays.

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