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PS3 browser faster than Internet Explorer 7

PS3 browser faster than IE7, claims Sony
PS3 browser faster than IE7, claims Sony

According to Sony Computer Entertainment, the 2.5 PS3 firmware update increases the JavaScript speed to a level at which the PS3's browser is faster than Internet Explorer 7.

Munechika Nishida's latest Random Tracking column on Japan's Impress Watch runs comments from Sony Computer Entertainment network and firmware specialists Naoya Matsui, Koujiro Umemura, Masaki Takase, and Shinji Noda.

Flash 9 support was a heavily requested feature, said Matsui. Sony eventually customised a separate Flash implementation provided by Adobe which, amongst other features, makes the loading up of web pages separate from video playback, thus providing improved framerate.

No PSP Flash 9

Noda claims that there has been a 2.8 times increase in JavaScript speed according to Sony's own benchmarks, while his colleague Takase believes PS3's JavaScript performance is faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 (though not yet on par with Google Chrome).

PSP will not get Flash 9 support right now, nor will it get full screen output of handheld games to television, which would be impossible without extra hardware.