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UK needs to get back to manufacturing: Dyson

Dyson - ideas must have commercial application
Dyson - ideas must have commercial application

Sir James Dyson believes that Britain needs to look to its heritage and begin to make quality products rather than rely on 'digital fads'.

Dyson, talking to TechRadar as part of Brit week, believes that we must avoid becoming a service industry nation, but also believes that focusing too heavily on internet innovation may be short-sighted.

"Britain has a great heritage of invention and a thirst to adopt good technology." he said "Digital fads are fine, but don't stand alone."

Make stuff

"We need to focus on creating products - tangible exports - which will contribute to long-term economic growth," he added.

Dyson believes that converting bright ideas into great products is the way forward, and is urging the government to help.

"We have great universities but we don't make the most of technology from them," he said.

"It is the government's job to bring business and universities closer, so that their ideas can be commercialised."