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Intel opens Internet of Things innovation centre in Swindon

Intel IOT
Intel's internet of things
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Intel has opened its fourth innovation centre for the Internet of Things in Swindon where one of the the company's EMEA sales and marketing HQs is located.

The UK lab will focus primarily on smart buildings, retail and transport and will offer a physical location where interested parties can view, tests and evaluate Intel's IOT solutions.

IOT is a big focus for Intel this year with the company investing millions into a new research centre in China focusing on smart solutions (including IOT), launching a new tiny, ultra-low power chip and buying a health tracker company.

Experts predict that more than 200 billion connected devices will be shipped by 2020 with annual revenue opportunities expected to reach around $19 trillion (around £11 trillion, AU$11.9 billion).

The other three EMEA IOT Ignition Labs are located in Stockholm, Munich and Istanbul - all opened over the past two months - and will form part of Intel Labs Europe, which consists of over forty R&D, product and innovations labs across EMEA.

The launch of Intel's IOT innovation centre coincided with that of a new standard called HyperCat, one which is championed by the UK government and a consortium of 40 British companies.

Desire Athow
Desire Athow

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