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TalkTalk Business broadband: what is it and how good are its deals?

You don't need us to tell you that the 99.99% of businesses rely on some kind of internet connection these days, which is why finding the perfect business broadband deal to power all of your online activity is so crucial. While there are numerous options, one that really stands out is TalkTalk's business broadband.

Offering super fast broadband speeds, affordable pricing and reliable network connections, TalkTalk Business is competing with the best for business broadband. And if it's a provider you're considering for your business internet, you're in the right place to find out more on the service.

Whether you're a small business or a Goliath operation with numerous offices, TalkTalk has a host of packages for you. We've produced this guide to all of TalkTalk's business broadband deals, answering questions on pricing, features and whether or not it is right for you.

And, you've chosen a good time to take an interest in TalkTalk. Up until September 29, TalkTalk Business has cut the price of both its Simple and Complete fibre packages, helping you get the best price you can.

What is TalkTalk Business broadband?

You've most likely got internet in your home and there is a decent chance that internet has come from TalkTalk. But, how is business broadband different?

Well, the key difference comes in the additional features you're offered. Business broadband tends to offer a host of security features, phone call options and frequently, much faster speeds (depending on what package you go for).

And TalkTalk doesn't hold back on these additional features. It offers impressively reliable networks for a level of peace of mind with your internet, super fast fibre speeds and even boasts 365 days a year support for your business broadband.

Beyond all of that, with options on 12 month contracts, 24 month contracts with no connection fees and deals that take away any fees for premises moves, TalkTalk business broadband is a flexible option, too.

What TalkTalk Business broadband deals are there?

TalkTalk offers a variety of different packages with different speeds and pricing, helping you find the right balance for your business broadband. Below, we've listed each of these packages:

All prices are exclusive of VAT

TalkTalk Simply Business Broadband
The most affordable of all of TalkTalk's business broadband packages, the Simply Business Broadband plan offers a free standard line installation, network security software and free caller display on your calls. Not to mention, speeds up to 17Mb. This package includes:

  • Speeds up to 17Mb
  • Wireless router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Worksafe network security software

You can find out more about this package over on TalkTalk's website.

TalkTalk Superfast Simply Fibre
This package is almost identical to the option above but with one key difference - the speed. You're getting everything you get above - the security software, the wireless router but also, speeds averaging 67Mb. This package includes:

  • Avg 67Mb speed
  • Wireless router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Worksafe network security software

You can find out more about this package over on TalkTalk's website.

TalkTalk Complete Broadband
Maybe you don't need very fast speeds with your business but you might like a few extra features? TalkTalk's Complete Broadband package offers speeds up to 17Mb and all of the features above.

However, it goes an extra step further by also giving you the option to move your business broadband to new premises for free and a host of free calling features. These include Multi Calling, Caller Forwarding, Reminder Calls and Caller Display. This package includes:

  • Speeds up to 17Mb speed
  • Wireless router
  • Free line installation
  • WorkSafe network security software

You can find out more about this package over on TalkTalk's website.

TalkTalk Complete Fibre
And finally, the biggest and most complete TalkTalk business broadband package - Complete Fibre. Here, you're getting average speeds of 67Mb and also all of the features mentioned above. That's all of the calling software, free installation and a number of other features.

  • Avg 67Mb speed
  • Wireless router
  • Free line installation
  • WorkSafe network security software

You can find out more about this package over on TalkTalk's website.

How do TalkTalk Business broadband deals compare to the competition? 

Obviously, TalkTalk isn't the only company offering business broadband but the good news is that they are a strong option against the competition when it comes to price. With both names you know - Virgin, BT, Sky - and names you may not know so well (Toople comes to mind) there is a wide variety of choices.

Take a look through our business broadband deals guide and you'll see TalkTalk comes out near the top for pricing and speeds, facing only some competition in pricing from Plusnet and lesser-known companies and a war over speeds from Virgin.

How good is TalkTalk Business broadband?

With a four-star rating on review site Trustpilot coming from over 3,000 reviews, you can rest assured that TalkTalk is a good choice to go for. And if you do end up having any troubles, you can get through to TalkTalk's customer care 365 days of the year.

Can I get a leased line with TalkTalk?

If your business requires some uninterrupted, super fast speeds, a leased line could be needed. And luckily, TalkTalk offers them.

In case you're not completely sure what we mean, getting a leased line simply means you do not have to share the same broadband line with other people - you get one exclusively for your business. 

This means dedicated, fast, reliable and secure ethernet connectivity. But obviously, that increase in both speeds and reliability means a pretty significant increase in price.

TalkTalk is currently offering a promotion on its leased lines, giving 15% off specific offers but even then, expect to be paying a higher bill for the privilege of your own line.

Head over to TalkTallk's site to see its full range of leased line packages.

Do I need to pay any additional fees with TalkTalk?

This completely depends on which package you go for but for the most part, yes. The good news is that the majority of TalkTalk's business packages include line rental (excluding VAT) and many of them lack connection fees. 

However, for the majority of TalkTalk business deals you will need to pay a P&P fee (postal and packing). Take a close look when buying your package to see what additional fees you may need to pay.

How long will my TalkTalk business broadband contract last?

Depending on which of TalkTalk's packages you go for, you will either be tied into a 12 month or 24 month contract. After that, the price will jump up. Then, you can just invest in a new business broadband deal to save yourself from any increased fees.

To sign up to TalkTalk's business broadband now, you can head straight to the TalkTalk website.