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Avanquest Driver Genius Pro review

Update your drivers automatically with this software

Avanquest Driver Genius Pro
The controls in the software cover backing up your current driver set, checking for updates, as well as restoring older versions

Our Verdict

This software makes the process of updating your drivers straightforward enough and without emptying your pockets


  • Overall simple to use and effective
  • Simple interface


  • Not the most user-friendly package at first

Drivers are the pieces of code that allow devices you plug in to your laptop to communicate with the OS.

So it's important to have the latest versions, as this will speed up your laptop as well as resolve any potential compatibility problems.

Automatic driver update scans

While Microsoft does a great job of updating the main OS, peripheral vendors can often be slow on the uptake.

So this piece of software is designed to scan your laptop, check the components you have installed, as well as the peripherals you use regularly, and then check its database of over 30,000 drivers to see if you have the latest versions.

You can set it to run at regular intervals, such as when you boot-up or as part of your standard maintenance routine. It's a quick and easy install and the interface is self-explanatory.

Backing up

It consists of eight dialogue boxes down the left-hand side and their corresponding actions in a central control box.

The controls cover backing up your current driver set, checking for updates, as well as restoring older versions. The first thing it does is back up your current drivers.

We found it created a folder close to 500MB in size. For safety, it's best to back this up to an external drive, such as a memory key. The software then checks the current status of your laptop, before creating a list of those drivers that need to be updated.

Not very user-friendly

The basic process works well and if you just want it to check and gather drivers, you'll like what it has to offer. However, by default it's not the most user-friendly software.

For instance, we found the controls simply dumped the back-up files on the end location, rather than creating an auto-install folder.

The same problem is made with the downloaded drivers, as unless you have previously set the routine up, the drivers are left as .zip files you need to install manually. None of which is ideal for the first-time user.

If you simply want a quick and easy way to download drivers, this software is fine, but the end results aren't as seamless as we'd have liked.