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Next PlayStation 3 update lands 18 December

The next PS3 firmware update will add Profile 1.1 support, DivX and WMV compatibility

Our colleagues over at are reporting that Sony's PlayStation 3 will get its next firmware update tomorrow (18 December).

The new 2.10 software will add Profile 1.1 support to the PS3's Blu-ray capabilities, enabling it to support new on-disc features such as picture-in-picture video.

Blu-ray Profile 1.1

In fact, the Profile 1.1 specification adds several improvements to Blu-ray's initial Profile 1.0 standard. The picture-in-picture functionality is made possible by making secondary audio and video decoders mandatory requirements on new Blu-ray players, along with 256MB of persistent local storage and a virtual file system.

As a games system with a hard disk, the PS3 already meets (and exceeds) the Profile 1.1 specification. Because what Profile 1.1 doesn't do is make internet connectivity a required feature - few Blu-ray players come with an Ethernet port as standard and the Profile 1.1 spec doesn't force manufacturers to add it. The PS3, of course, already features an Ethernet port for online gaming and internet access.

Beyond dragging the PS3 up to Profile 1.1, the 2.10 firmware update will also add DivX and WMV support. This will bring the PS3's talents in line with Microsoft's Xbox 360, which has recently benefited from its own DivX-adding firmware update.