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TV shopping on the rise, claims report

Why leave the comfort of your own front room?
Why leave the comfort of your own front room? You can buy that pointless exercise gadget without moving at all

TV shopping is growing rapidly, with predictions of a 54 per cent increase in revenue over the next five years.

According to analysis by Goldmedia and Screen Digest ('supported' by the TV shopping industry), the market value of shopping from the television will top €6.4 billion by 2012.

Western Europe boasts a staggering 65 shopping channels including auction and travel shopping.

UK lead

Unsurprisingly, given the huge success of digital television in the UK, 40 of those are on British screens – including the likes of QVC, Ideal Shopping Direct and Sit-up TV.

The rise is being credited to increased use of the internet to live stream or add in functionality for the average TV shopper – which does beg the question whether it is actually internet shopping that is on the rise rather than TV shopping specifically.

"Today e-commerce and TV shopping have merged to a point where there are hardly any pure-play TV shopping operators left," said Mathias Birkel of Goldmedia.

"TV shopping operators must embrace multi-platform strategies to reach target groups in our increasingly complex and fragmented media market."